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Design and Prototype your First Website

by Zahraa
Are you interested in product design, user interface design, or just want to learn the basics of web design? In this workshop, we’ll be covering the basics of Figma (but this experience can also be applied to Adobe XD or other platforms of your choice). We’ll go through how to build a mock-up and then turn it into a prototype!

Building a Web App with AWS

by Jeff
New to cloud services? Want to build a website with your own custom backend? Come join to learn all about different AWS services and how you can leverage them! (Note: while we'll be using AWS for free, they and other cloud providers require you to have a card number on file when you sign up).

How to Read Someone Else's Code

by Jot
Making a great first impression at a new internship, job, or research position can be very important! One of the first things you may be asked to do is read someone else's code and improve on it. But how do you go about decoding their giant uncommented mess and delivering on your task on time? In this workshop we will go over one of the most underrated skills in computer science and how to overcome a very overwhelming obstacle. These skills will also help you not only write your code in a way that will make your boss love you, but start your first internship on a bang.

Introduction to Functional Programming

by Saurabh
This workshop is a short introduction to a style of programming called functional programming. We will discuss higher order functions, immutability, and tail recursion, as well as how these concepts can be applied in your code.

Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics

by Sid
This workshop will focus on the basics of single cell RNA-sequencing analysis and how to make sense of complex biological data through visualization techniques. We will cover principal component analysis, dimensionality reduction, and uniform manifold approximation and projection visualization techniques.

Side Events

Harry Potter Trivia

Join us for an exciting session of Harry Potter trivia as we kick off our hackathon! Test your knowledge from the books and the big screen for the chance to win Beats Studio wireless headphones!

Bob Ross MS Paint

Follow along a Bob Ross painting tutorial with fellow hackers and create your painting digitally using MS Paint or another painting tool. At the end of the session, you can choose to submit your painting along with a thoughtful note to a senior care facility, where aids will print your message and painting and hand it off to an elderly resident!!

Code in the Dark

Code in the Dark is a front-end (HTML, CSS) competition where each contestant competes to implement a website design given only a screenshot. The catch is that no previews of the results are allowed during the implementation, and no measuring tools can be used. The winner is decided by the voting on the best design! There will be two 15 minute rounds, each with its own prize!

Google Feud

Meet other hackers and compete within teams of 4-8 in a Family Feud-style game to guess the most common Google searches! Teams will have the chance to win Hungry Buff gift cards!

Raffle Announcement

Hackers who attend 2+ workshops AND 1+ side event will be entered in our raffle for a $25 Doordash Gift Card!
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