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Intro to Robotics

by Matt Strong

An introduction to the broad world of robotics.

Intro to Project Managment

by Tanvi Gopalabhatla and Divya Bhat

Want to learn about the exciting world of product management? Join this workshop as we delve into the fundamentals of PM, how to tackle PM questions in job interviews, real-life business cases, educational resources, and more. As product management is becoming an increasingly popular career path, companies across various industries are looking for young leaders to take on these roles! We are also raffling off a Cracking the PM Interview book!

Intro to Bioinformatics and Genomics

by Sidhant Puntambekar

This workshop will focus on the basics of single cell RNA-sequencing analysis and how to make sense of complex biological data through visualization techniques. We will primarily cover advanced data science techniques principal component analysis, basic dimensionality reduction, and uniform manifold approximation and projection to help in our visualizations.

Intro to Git/Github

by Jacob Unger

Version Control is a vital aspect of software development. Learn how to utilize this powerful tool to make workflow and sharing code easier!

Side Events

Candy Station

Get some snacks and code hard!

Harry Potter Trivia

How much do you know about the wonderful world of wizarding? Put it to the test with Harry Potter Trivia!

Face masks and Yoga

Relax a bit and catch your breath with this amazing face masks. Perfect for energizing before the night.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Enjoy the 1st movie in the Harry Potter Story.

Sid's Morning Run

Get the blood pumping and start your day off right with a sunrise run.