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About Us

Based in Boulder, Colorado at the University of Colorado Boulder, HackCU brings together students of various backgrounds and experience levels at our events, which primarily comprise workshops and hackathons. We're a team of like minded students with the same mission in mind: bringing people together to create a safe space for students to be inventive and creative! We're completely student run, and work extensively with our university and corporate entities to bring you the best content and events. Want to learn more? Let us know at contact@hackcu.org.


Bring people together to create, learn, and have fun!

Our Story

HackCU began in 2014 when a group of passionate students wanted to provide other students the time and space to express their creativity and work on things they usually don't get a chance to. Since then we've been committed to fulfilling our mission of bringing students high-quality, inclusive events open to everyone irrespective of their experience.

Our Values

Hacker First

Everything we do is aimed at having hackers enjoy their time at our events.


At all times, HackCU encourages hackers and team members to improve, to learn, and to push themselves beyond their limits.

Open Source

HackCU will be open to share its knowledge to anyone interested and to teach other students what we learn. This means all of our projects will be open-sourced.

Student Run and Independent

HackCU is and always will be an independent entity run by students at CU Boulder. We won't be sellouts.

Anyone is HackCU

We welcome everyone regardless of their background, gender, race, major, or level of experience.


Inspire people, to reach for more. Anyone can change the world around themselves!
For Students By Students